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Landscape Design

Our clients have purchased a beautiful Cape Cod in the Raleigh Hills neighborhood and are thoughtfully renovating both inside and out. Here is the plan for the front garden. We completed installation from our design this week.

Center Focal

The format of the garden is a hub centered with the picture window of the living room. A circular lawn bordered by a flagstone path flanked by two rectangular lawns.

The path flows directly off the brick path leading to the front door. Intersects the circular path and wraps around the west side of the house as it passes through a small rose garden. Dwarf Boxwoods line the front of the house.

Flagstone Path

Boxwood Cones

The focal point is an over-sized fountain basin used as a planter with seasonal interest. It took 4 of us to muscle this into place.

White knockout roses line the lawn areas in this all white garden.

Darin has completed designs for the back and side gardens which will be completed next Spring!

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