Thanks for visiting our new projects blog. These pictures are a collection of completed jobs. Occasionally I add posts from the past!

Stone Steps in Corbett

What do you do when you have expansive lawns with a sloping grade? Add the permanency of natural stone steps. These great steps remind me of the stone walls you see in the Columbia river George that the CCC built.

Whimsical Edibles Garden

The start to a great garden always begins with good bones. This fun edibles garden has several great design elements that will carry the garden through all the seasons. Greeting you at the garden entrance is a very large bird house on the arbor. The large walkway takes you to the gazebo and beyond to the vegetable beds and then to the greenhouse. Throughout the garden are fun containers for everything from strawberries to pumpkins. Around the back of the gazebo is a cedar chipped path that takes you through the cuttings garden where lots of tall perennials will rise up show off by the end of summer. Behind them is a fun rustic fence that provides a backdrop to the garden.

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