Thanks for visiting our new projects blog. These pictures are a collection of completed jobs. Occasionally I add posts from the past!

These plants have a great view!

Today we installed plantings on the Sandy Bluff that overlooks the Sandy River Valley and beyond to Mt Hood. The plantings were done in low ribbons of color as to not obstruct any views. Today we had clouds so you can't see the Mt Hood view. We didn't mind the cloud cover today as it kept us cool while we worked!

Too Much Grass

We had the opportunity to assist this home owner in transforming an all lawn back yard into a personalized space centered around flower and fragrance, a small terraced herb garden, and a lovely stone path for acces to the front. Outdoor lighting was added to showcase the garden at night.

Just down the road!

Today we did the Texas twirl at a neighbor's house. This is what we can do in one day! A bubbling fountain with a pathway takes you around the water feature. Dwarf conifers and bright grasses add cheer and whimsy to an area off of a deck.

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