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Here is a job we did recently in Lake Oswego. This beautiful home along the golf course needed some updates to screen it from the neighbors. A thick conifer border was added for privacy while letting the great view prevail.

Concrete pots flanking the walkway with columnar yews and cone box draw you out into the yard to enjoy the views of the golf course beyond.

A series of concrete pots with seasonal color add interest and height.

Columnar yews provide architectural interest.

This is a very nary water feature that runs along the side of the house. Actually and important area as the office window faces this view. It is also up against a fence. Adding foliage and rockery to this area draws your attention away from the neighbors and keeps it in your own space.

The water feature disapears into the dry stream bed below.

Salvaged art screens help to disguise the utilities.

Spheres are always a great addition to any garden!

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