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Moss Garden in Corvallis

Last week we had a new adventure and worked outside our normal territory in Corvallis. Luckily we have an RV that we can travel in and our clients have a driveway that it fits in! It took a bit of coordination but everything came together well and here are the results below.

Rock steps and path lead you from the driveway to a small bridge that takes you over the dry stream bed. Meandering through the art screens is a moss garden that will spread and grow under the mature trees.

This is a view from the deck. This path takes you from the deck to a large circle pad perfect for a lounger or two. From the pad the path continues and is flanked by two black clay pots. Beyond that lies treads that will lead you into the green beyond.

Take a right turn from the back deck and you head towards the bridge and dry stream bed.

Here is a view the opposite way looking towards the deck. Another set of black clay pots perched upon concrete columns flank the stairs. Galvanized metal forms a modern skirting disguising the undeside of the deck.

The moss garden continues under a beautiful Japanese maple.

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