Big Property Big Garden

Laurel Hedge has just completed this over-sized vegetable garden. The size of a city lot, it is in scale with this 40 acre property. Our client hired us to design and rehabilitate the existing garden space to create a low maintenance eco-friendly and fun place to garden and relax.

The entire garden is covered with a heavy duty landscape fabric and cedar chips to keep weeds and pets away. Two water barrels capture water from the greenhouse roof. Drip irrigation on a timer runs to every raised bed and container including the green roof of the sitting shed. The sitting shed faces the house and provides a dry shelter during rain and a cool place to sit and relax in summer. Raised beds formatted in stone, cedar, and galvanized tubs provide back friendly gardening and interest. LED lighting illuminates the space for evening strolls. Four by eight cedar trellises help to support raspberries and give a focal to the over-sized barn wall. The old chain-link fence was replaced with cedar slats and galvanized grid panels with a country flair.

Here is an peak through the new gate. We took out the old chain link and changed it to a cedar fence with hog panels to keep out the dogs!