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Creating an Entrance

Today we finished a week long project. The yard was all grass, basically a clean slate.

We had a few objectives in this landscape. First we needed to add a parking area for our clients car. She had to park a car in front of the door on the grass. To fix this we added a gravel parking area edged with steel edging and separated from the front walk with a fun art screen and plantings.

Next, we wanted to add a walkway from the road to the front door. This was created with the same metal edging. We used squared basalt to make a pathway hub and landing from the curb. Blue stone pavers were added in parts of the walk strategically to make the path look longer.

Third, we wanted to improve the look of the front landing. We did this with the same blue stone pavers concreted onto the existing pad.

Below are some of the pictures.

Here is the before.

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